eat, drink, play, create

This is a space that reflects the Taipei of now: a place where you can eat, drink, play and create. Located in Dazhi, one of the city’s burgeoning neighborhoods, TAIPEIING is the newest hotspot for those who crave a sophisticated and electrifying environment that can only emerge from a strong arts community.


A city without a center, Taipei boasts an architectural disunity, as well as the perfect ratio of order and chaos for creativity to thrive. It has finally reached a critical mass of cool. However, this frenzy of activity has yet to translate into a distinct identity. By carefully assembling local contemporary art, live performances, and gastronomy, TAIPEIING aspires to create a new sense of style for Taipei as a city.


TAIPEIING captures the energy of art and culture pumping through the city’s veins. What it does not provide is a collection of cultural items intended for future archeologists. There is no need for time capsules if what truly matters is the here and now. This is why TAIPEIING invites its guests to discover real-time trends and style via a handpicked selection of art pieces and videos by local creators, accompanied by exciting musical performances and live sets by DJs. TAIPEIING’s food curators pay similar attention to local flavors and textures, subtly fusing them with other cuisines. With a new theme every season, TAIPEIING helps promote emerging talent in Taiwan, and encourages its patrons to do so as well. This is the perfect venue for meeting friends, learning something new, and to letting the mind wander. It’s a place in which Taipei discovers a home, and in doing so, redefines itself.

                                                                                                                                                                           LIN Bao-Lin, Taipei Nocturne VI, 2014
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