Food is the most delicious of the contemporary arts.

Taipei Classics Series

In terms of diet, Taipei is culturally omnivorous. The city offers everything from snacks that one can grab in the alleys of night markets to elaborate dishes served at lavish banquets. The Taipei Classics series features twelve dishes with classical Taiwanese flavors. Each is prepared by our talented team of chefs, with an emphasis on using carefully selected ingredients, cooking techniques, and visual presentation in order to create a unique approach to these local favorites. These twelve dishes evoke the life-long memories of the people of Taipei.


Themed Creations Series

Inspired by TaipeiING’s seasonal theme, our chefs invite you to taste the spirit of the current exhibition. In keeping with TaipeiING’s opening exhibition, NOW & NEXT, this season’s Themed Creations Series kicks things off with an exploration of Taipei’s diverse culinary map, traversing the city from North to South, and from East to West. To the East, you’ll discover a sophisticated and edgy international flair; to the South, the nostalgia of Taipei’s military dependents’ villages; to the West, an avant-garde western style; and to the North, an evocation of Taipei’s Japanese heritage. Each of the four directions offers mouthwatering discoveries from Taiwan’s capital city.


Chef’s Specials Series

This series is akin to a love letter, an intimate dialogue between our chefs and seasonal ingredients. Delightfully inspired, our culinary artists break the boundaries between ingredients in the search for unique flavors that will offer you a unique culinary experience.





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