In terms of diet, Taipei is culturally omnivorous. The city offers everything from snacks that one can grab in the alleys of night markets to elaborate dishes served at lavish banquets. The Taipei Classics series features twelve dishes with classical Taiwanese flavors. Each is prepared by our talented team of chefs, with an emphasis on using carefully selected ingredients, cooking techniques, and visual presentation in order to create a unique approach to these local favorites. These twelve dish
  • 【總鋪師老梗】台式沙拉龍蝦
    taiwanese-style lobster salad
  • 【蚵仔轉大人】蚵仔煎佐五味生蠔
    taiwanese oyster omelet and gillardeau oysters with five-flavor sauce
  • 【犇向桃源街】台北新經典牛肉麵
    new taipei-style beef noodles
  • 【普魯士ㄅㄚ ˋ 咖】台啤德式豬腳
    schweinshaxe stewed with taiwan beer
  • 【烏金軋黑金】烏魚子配魚子醬
    mullet roe with caviar
  • 【hakka surprise】紹興圓鱈佐蔥香水粄
    shaoxing rice wine cod with hakka steamed savoury rice cake
  • 【東方美姬】東方美人茶凍放山雞
    oriental beauty tea smoked chicken
  • 【米糕大逗陣】經典古法米糕
    platter of assorted tainan rice cakes
  • 【炒飯最蝦趴】櫻花蝦炒米麵
    fried risoni with sergestid shrimp
  • 【復興南路續攤】粥
    new taipei-style late night congee
  • 【望夫jackie chan】藥膳雞湯
    medicinal food tonic chicken soup
  • 【寶島炸遍集團】炸物拼盤(蝦捲、臭豆腐、鹹酥雞)
    taiwanese deep-fried delight platter
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