Taipei is a hybrid city.
Its mixed identity was once denied, later accepted and is now respected.
Mix is an attitude, diversity is an accent.
Taipei’s hybrid atmosphere oozes with charm, inexorably luring you to its urban curves.

Rich and diverse cultural elements combined with a complex history gave shape to Taipei’s bizarre and ambiguous identity. Multifaceted aesthetic qualities turn the city into a paradise for cultural omnivores but also make its lifestyle hard to capture and difficult to define.

For its first season, TaipeiING introduces « TaipeiING: NOW & NEXT », a series of logs at various depth scales into Taipei’s current style. Meanwhile, emerging artists’ HOPE EGGS expand the scope of energy and stimulation by imagining the future’s many possibilities and by subverting the city’s existing style frameworks.

Taipei’s current style is always on the move, and movING forward indeed. By using its own name for its inaugural exhibition, TaipeiING aims to unfold a journey into both the tradition and the avant-garde, rooted in its oriental heritage while incorporating innovative contemporary aesthetic.

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