TaipeiING’s unique aesthetic atmosphere evolved from the very concept of the venue itself: a space dedicated to hosting an ever-changing series of seasonal exhibitions. The result is a sophisticated yet functional venue, which offers a myriad of possibilities and trains the spotlight on the people and works of art on display.

Celebrated designer Jeffrey Zee, the founder of JFR design studio, is the driving force behind TaipeiING’s creative interior. The minimalist design offers room for contemplation, and acts as a unifying theme that ties together the many unique areas that make up this highly flexible space.


Working with the natural shape of the building, Jeffrey Zee introduced the concept of an “amphitheater” where functionality meets aesthetics. Elegant, curved lines give shape to a central performance hall, which has private rooms in a variety of styles, sizes, and functions flanking the perimeter.


A glance at the names on the doors of the private rooms conjures up memories of Taipei’s storied past. During the late Qing Dynasty, Taipei was designated a prefectural capital and city walls were erected between the districts of Monga (today’s Wanhua district) and Dadaocheng. TaipeiING drew inspiration from these old neighborhoods when naming the venue’s two Grand Rooms.


Situated along the arc of the “amphitheater” are five smaller rooms named after Taipei’s old city gates: Jing-Fu (East Gate), Li-Zheng (South Gate), Chong-Xi (Auxiliary South Gate), Bao-Cheng (West Gate), and Cheng-En (North Gate).


TaipeiING’s innovative design and subtle use of color combine to offer an environment where anything is possible: exhibitions of art, creative design, and furniture design; music and dance performances; fashion shows; and forays into the culinary arts. This is a place where trends take shape. 

1F., No. 10, Ln. 116, Sec. 1, Da’an Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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